Thursday, 12 February 2015

Share Prayer Ideas

  • Share Prayer Ideas

    • Share teaspoon prayers… Give everyone a teaspoon and explain that a short way (abbreviation) of teaspoon is TSP.
    TSP prayers include Thanks God , Sorry God , Please God
    • Hand of prayer…
    Pointer finger- reminds us that our lives should point to God to thank and praise Him.
    Tall man (finger ) -The biggest finger reminds us to pray for people
    who are leaders …ministers, Sunday school teachers, teachers, Prime Minister/President…
    Ring finger – reminds us to pray for people you know who need prayer…parents, family, friends, missionaries, sick people.
    Little finger- reminds us to pray for ourselves, to ask God to be with us , to help us and to give us what we need to love and obey Him.
    • Silent hands confession
    With short silences and closed eyes move through this three-part confession.
    Fists should be clenched to help bring to mind wrong things we hold on tightly to .
    Turn fists downwards and open hands as a sign of letting go the things we are sorry for and repent of.
    Turn hands upward, with palms open, as a mark of receiving God’s forgiveness.
    • Arrow Prayers ( You will need cardboard arrow-shapes; pens)
    Sometimes when you’re in a difficult situation, feeling frightened or nervous, there’s no time to kneel and pray or to wait for a quiet time at the end of the day; you simply have to shoot an arrow prayer to God right away. Try to give your group some examples of when they might want to pray instant on-the-spot prayers. For example: whe you’re facing a fierce dog, when you’re nervous about reading something out loud. Talk about Nehemiah’s short prayer in Nehemiah 2:4-5 before he spoke to the king. Give all the children a cardboard arrow shape and encourage them to write the words of Psalm 31:22 along the shaft as a take home reminder that God hears even the shortest prayers.

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