Thursday, 12 February 2015

Rich Man, Poor Man

Rich man, Poor man  - based on Mark 10:17-31
You could have a narrator (or chorus), Jesus, & a Rich man to read the various parts. 
As Jesus was starting out on his way
A man ran up and called out “hey
Good teacher tell me what must I do
To receive eternal life that’s true ?”
“No one is good ‘cept God alone..
Keep the commandments that you’ve known.
“Teacher, I’ve tried since I was small
To obey the Law. I’ve kept it all !”
Jesus looked him in the eye.
With love he said, “Now you must try,
Sell all you have; support the poor
Your rich reward’s in heaven stored.
Sell all you have. Come follow me.
But rich man turned reluctantly.
The kingdom of God is hard to attain
Wealthy people will grapple to gain.
Can’t push a camel through a needle’s eye,
Many first will be last when they die.
Who can be saved ? Can you see ?
“Sell all you have. Come follow Me !”
Don Stott, Feb 2003,

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