Thursday, 12 February 2015

Leadership Leads

Leadership Leads

  • Maintain your relationship with God – devotional life, quiet days, reading and prayer.
  • Understand your leadership style and value it.
  • Do things you are good at- find and develop others to do those things you find harder.
  • Develop a support network – mentors, friends, parent support group, administrators, prayer team.
  • Limit the number of programs and ministries you are involved in.
  • Know your vision, mission, values, strategy and goals
  • Communicate these to the Church and your leaders -continually evaluate these with your teams -  reports to Church Board or Council. Newsletter items, reports to other staff members, meeting notes or email.
  • Develop a structure of carers for your teams (80/20 principle)
  • Encourage your volunteers – hold celebrations, write notes to them, phone-text email. Give them chocolate and lots of it!
When recruiting leaders -

  • Pray for the right leaders.
  • Some people have the gift of recruiting. Find them and use them well.
  • Know the task you are asking them to do.
  • Spend time getting to know your congregation well
  • Work out whether you are a phone, letter, email or face to face recruiter.
  • As you ask them to be involved remember you are doing them a favor not the other way around.
  • Describe the task in way that appeals to them and is also truthful regarding time commitment, skills needed etc..
  • Are the right people in the task already or is it hindering you finding volunteers?
  • What is the environment like you are asking your leaders to work in?
  • Have job descriptions
  • Encourage leaders to fill out an application form and code of conduct form
  • Provide training and support for your leaders
  • Liase with other staff members so that you all have a balance of leaders.
  • Put people in the right ministries
  • Include your leaders in the decision making process.

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