Friday, 20 August 2010

Favourite Night

Favourite Night ( An all-age activity for a family night or small group with children)
1. Ask the children (or families) to bring along their favourite item/toy/piece of clothing etc. for showing and talking about.
2. Have sheets of paper hung around the walls of the room/hall with different heading on each. eg. "Your Favourite Food, Colour, TV show, Takeaway Food, Holiday Destination, Sport, Hobby, Singer/Actor etc... (the children give answers including their names) Sheets could then be read out during the evening.
3. Devotions- Jesus "Favourite disciples" Peter & John ?
Talk about how showing favouritism can be unfair. Does God have favourites?
We all have different favourite likes and dislikes. God made us all different. Just because someone else doesn't like what we like doesn't make them wrong.
Talk about having favourite places to spend time.Time to think and reflect.
Ask the children to share their favourite story from the Bible and perhaps draw or act it out.
4. Play - Charades- guess your favourite TV show, singer, Bible character...
Celebrity Hats- Place names on hats for three contestants. They wear the hat and can't see who they are supposed to be. Contestants play 20 questions with the group. A correct answer means they get to ask another question until a contestant guesses what name is on their hat.
5. Ask the children ( or a family) to bring along their favourite food to share for supper.

Memory verse game

Here's a fun way to help children remember a Bible memory verse. Play "flashlight tag" (or torch tag if you're from Australia). Bring a flashlight and let someone be "it". It tries to shine the flashlight on someone's feet to tag them. If they are tagged, they can be set free by someone running to them and saying the memory verse.