Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sam the Snowflake Story

Sam, the snowflake

SPLAT !  SAM     the snowflake loved the wintertime. He enjoyed being rolled into a ball and thrown at someone in fun. He also loved seeing the children rolling and tumbling in the snow around him.
One day as Sam was waking up, he heard some children coming towards him. They started picking up handful of cold snow and building a large snowman !! The children giggled as they put stones down the front of the snowman to make buttons and two big eyes. They also used sticks for arms and a bumpy nose. Finally they were finished and they stood back to look at what they had made. One small girl took off her hat and scarf and then she ran over and put them on the snowman.
“He looks great !”, said the boy with the curly hair.
Sam agreed that the snowman did look great, in fact, Sam longed to be part of that snowman but he knew that he couldn’t be a snowman without the help of lots of other snowflakes. He needed someone to come along and squeeze him into a big snow ball. He couldn’t be a snowman by himself. He was just too tiny by himself !
The children enjoyed playing until it started to get dark then the little girl went over to get her hat and coat from the the snowman’s head. As she turned to leave, she bent down quickly and scooped up a handful of snow, pressed it tightly and with a loud giggle she made a snow-hat for the snowman.
What a big surprise for Sam as he now found himself right up on top of the snowman. He was so happy that he almost melted with joy !
Are there times when we feel so small that we aren’t noticed or feel important ? Who can we ask to help give us a hand at times like this ?

(C) Don Stott, 2000

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