Thursday, 12 February 2015

5 Basic Ways to Make Learning Fun

5 Basic Ways to Make Learning Fun

  1. Build good relationships
  • Leaders to kids
  • Kids to leaders
  • Kids to kids
Participate in all activities even if it is from the sideline
Be real with the kids
Set and keep good standards
  1. Use action and variety
    • Be well prepared.
    • Use activities that suit the children’s age group.
    • Give the children some responsibility.
  1. Create a sense of belonging
  •  Know their names and interests.
  •  Have a positive and encouraging atmosphere.
  •  Have a known strategy for managing your children..
  •  Make sure your working environment is as appealing as possible.
  1. Study the Bible creatively
  •  Sell it by your own walk with God
  • Help them to see how God wants to be in communication with them
  • Broaden their horizons – social justice, current events
  •  Make it visual and involve them
5. Play games with them

  •  Always take into account the differences between boys and girls.
  •  Have noisy and quiet games.
  •  Make sure that it is fun for everyone –including those with special needs.

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