Thursday, 26 February 2015

Reaching out at Easter

  • Reaching out at Easter

    You may get your group of children or your family to think of ways in which they can reach out ot others with the hope that Easter brings.
    • Make some home made biscuits. Put a cross made of icing on the top and give them to someone in your family or friend who needs some encouragement.
    • Get some bulbs which are in flower as a reminder of new life. Make your own Easter wrapping paper around the flower pot and give them as gift to a neighbour or friend.
    • Attach a homemade Easter card (hand drawn or take a photo) which simply explains the Easter message.
    • Visit a nursing home or people who are shut in and don’t get our much. Perhaps take a gift to those who have lost loved ones during the last year.
    • Put up an Easter poster in your home.
    • As family make up a special ‘Easter Email ‘with some family news, a photo or two and include a bible verse or some thoughts about what Easter means to you. Send the email to your family and friends.
    • As family or group make up a special Easter Grace to be said before meals over Easter.
    • Learn how to make Palm crosses and give them away as bookmarks to people.
    • Organise a Christian Passover meal and invite your neighbours or friends.
    • Invite people to your home after an Easter service on Good Friday or Easter Day.

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