Monday, 22 December 2008

Who holds the future?

There's the story told about a family who was woken by their smoke detector in the middle of the night to discover that their house was on fire. The father ran into the upstairs bedroom of his children and carried his eighteen-month old baby in his arms while dragging his four-year old by the hand.

They were halfway down the stairs when the little boy remembered that he had let his teddy bear in the bedroom so he broke free from his father's hand and ran back to his bedroom to retrieve it. In the furore and confusion, the father didn't notice straight away that this son wasn't with him until he got outside. By now the little boy was trapped by the smoke in his second story bedroom. Smoke swirled around him and he coughed and cried out from the upstairs window, "Daddy, Daddy! Help me!"

His father yelled from below, "Jump out of the window Michael! I'll catch you!"

In the darkness and smoke, the little boy yelled back, "But Daddy! I can't see you!"

Daddy shouted back, That's okay, son. I can see you! Jump!"

Who holds your future? Do you fret about things you can't see? Or things you can see? God tells us to trust him and "jump!"

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