Monday, 22 December 2008

Jigsaw Hunt Game

To play this game you need two jigsaws about the same size but different in style and not too many pieces. Before the game starts, put together part of the jigsaws and then hide the other pieces in the meeting room/classroom/hall , but don't make them too ha dr to find.

The children are divided into two teams which must search for their missing pieces, which they then put in the correct position in their teams' jigsaw. Any pieces of their opponents' puzzle which are found should be left alone. The first team to complete their jigsaw is the winner. Players are not allowed to hold onto opponents' pieces and stop them from finishing.

Variation: Play the game using two bible memory verses which have been written out on two different colored sheets of thick cardboard.Then cut into jigsaw pieces. Hide some pieces as above. You may make it harder by leaving some letters or words incomplete which need to be filled in by looking the verse up in a bible when the team assembles the pieces.

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