Monday, 22 December 2008

Generation Z children

Generation Z are possibly the most informed, technologically advanced and socially aware kids of all time. This generation is the first generation born into the digital world. There is some debate amongst the experts as to when this age group began. Some researchers claiming as early as 1995, (so the oldest are now hitting 13), while others contend that 2001 is a better starting point. It seems safe to assume that today's babys to seven-year olds are definitely gen Z, and kids aged eight to 12 are on the fuzzy line between very young gen Y and the oldest gen Zs.

McCrindle, founder of McCrindle Research says that this generation that's "fairly demanding and maybe a bit precocious" with high expectations and plenty of material comforts and toys.

How can children's ministers best engage Gen. Z children? What are the implications of working with children who are "high tech" users, highly programmed lives, and generally having parents who are older than the two previous generations?

Who are Generation Z?

The ten commandments of Generation Z

Get ready, here comes Generation Z

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