Monday, 22 December 2008

Balloon Prayers

First give each child a deflated balloon. Each time the leader pauses in the following prayer invite the children to blow gently into their balloons. Get them to hold them carefully but not tie them.

Now say this prayer ( or use your own), pausing at the end of each line.

" Thank you, God, that you are with us always.

Thank you for the Holy Spirit, who gives us power to live our lives for you.

Help us to follow you this week and to do the things you want us to do at home, at school, and with our friends."

Finally invite the children to call out "Thank you God!" and let their balloons go. You may like to give them another balloon to blow up and take home. Write on it in 'texta' pen, 'God is with me."( As a reminder of God's presence and power for them this week).

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